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Kitesurfing got into my life in the beginning of 2009 in Muyne, Vietnam. Was surprisingly easy to get on the board and took a while to comfortably go upwind. Not surprisingly I have been hooked since, most of my travels and weekends have been somehow related to water sports.

When I moved to London among other great things to do in the city I discovered two things. First - there are decent conditions for kitesurfing within 2 hours driving distance. Second - there are numerous flights to all possible destinations and most of them are reasonably priced. Airlines compete with each other to offer travellers suitable time slots, like flying out on Friday evening and back Sunday late in the day.

For a few years I have been enjoying a busy kite-travelling schedule, doing between 20-25 trips a year. Often it has been a long weekend, or sometimes combined with a business trip (miss those trips to South Africa!). As a result I acquired a nice skill of booking tickets, hotels, exploring destinations and getting ready for the trips. At some point it became time-consuming, especially when I was not sure where to go. There have been too many routine checks of the flights, hotel locations, seasonality, wind stats, etc.

That is how the idea for kite-travel came up. Took a while to develop the algorithm which will be looking for flights at least as me, also to combine it all in a structured manner with a nice and ready-to-view info about spot logistics, seasonality, wind stats, spot videos, instagram feed, etc.

There are lots of ideas of how to develop it further to help people discover the sport and enjoy it to the fullest. I hope you find it useful and to see you on the beach!

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